First blog post … again …

It’s time for a fresh start …. what does it mean for me to have a fresh start?

After two years working on a big enterprise project, it’s now time to move on and switch to a new project.

Two years is a long time in today’s software development cycles. A typical iteration for a scrum team could be 2 weeks. In this two years, we had over 80 sprints, lot’s of stories, initiatives, improvements, impediments, bugs, questions, personal differences, colleges leaving the project, new colleges joining, and new friendships. We learned how we can work together, how we have to communicate, how to formulate acceptance criteria so that the whole team would understand them, the toolset our team was using, the different shortcuts of each of us, personal settings in editors and ide’s …. in the end, we build up new friendships and got a well-attuned team.

A new project, a new chapter in one’s life, it’s time to update profiles. Do you know how many profiles of you exist out in the world? When was the last time you’ve updated your profile?

This are only some of them out in the world … Twitter, stackoverflow, xing, linkedin, github, personal domain, medium, blogspot, wordpress, facebook, slack, google+, microsoft, …

Starting a new project, joining a new team means re-learning again … again … again …

Sure, you can use your experience from previous projects, tools and technology but working together in a new team with different people …

For me this is the perfect time to restart blogging again, restarting the 3rd time now in 10 years. When I switched years ago from my private hosted blog to blogspot it seems like it will be a future proof decision. Today it seems like you’ll have to go with either medium or wordpress … another blogengine, another migration … migrating my old blog, switching to the new blog somehow does not feel right, it’s like breaking from the past. Therefore I’ve decided to not migrate my old blog at and leave all the stuff there which has the nice side effect of less work 🙂 and switch to wordpress at for the future, let’s see for how long :).

… a new project, new challenges, new opportunities, … a new journey … new friends …



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