.NET Framework 4.8 and how we will get the update …

Changes in .NET Framework 4.8

Recently, .NET Framework 4.8 was released with a mix of runtime improvements and library and framework enhancements.

  • [Runtime] JIT and NGEN Improvements
  • [BCL] Updated version of ZLib
  • [BCL] Reducing FIPS Impact on Cryptography
  • [WinForms] Accessibility Enhancements
  • [WCF] Service Behavior Enhancements
  • [WPF] High DPI Enhancements, UIAutomation Improvements

More details about .NET Framework 4.8 can be found on the official announcement blog post. As usual release notes can be found on github including with a continuously updating known issues collection.

Distribution of .NET Framework updates

Last year, Microsoft changed to update .NET Framework updates monthly via standalone cumulative updates which are separated from Windows Cumulative Updates.

  • This change should enable Microsoft to respond flexible to customer feedback with a higher velocity.
  • The separation from Windows Cumulative Updates enables flexibility in installing .NET Framework updates (Existing applications can be tested before installing the latest .NET Framework updates without block Windows Cumulative Updates).

More information about .NET Framework cumulative updates can be found in the official announcement blog post.

Distribution of .NET Framework 4.8 Updates

Updates to .NET Framework 4.8 and updates for it will be continued to be separated from Windows Cumulative Updates, in detail the roll-out

  • already installed as part of Windows 10 1903 update
  • will be part of a .NET commutative update for Windows 10 1809
  • for earlier Windows 10 versions, there will be standalone updates
  • .Net rollup updates for Windows versions before Windows 10 (including Windows Server)

More details about .NET Framework 4.8 updates can be found on the official announcement blog post.